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NodeBeat featured on the BlackBerry Dev blog

Interested to read how we (me and Seth) ported NodeBeat to the BlackBerry PlayBook platform? The BlackBerry Developer Blog wrote an article about us, our app and the journey that was involved with [...]

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PlayBook add-on (ofxQNX)

After receiving my BlackBerry PlayBook through the developer offer in March, I started to think of the possibility of porting NodeBeat to the PlayBook platform. As this is my first tablet (yea I know, as a multitouch enthusiast its quite weird not [...]

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Rewriting and porting fIRC

Late 2008 I created my first Android application (fIRC) after obtaining the T-Mobile G1. The project was an early attempt to master the Java programming language and also a way for me to learn more about the Android mobile platform. Since [...]

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Epic Windmill

It’s official now, I’m proud owner of my new startup company Epic Windmill. As this blog served as my online portfolio of research work I contributed to, Epic Windmill will be serving as a place for my creative and casual software [...]

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NodeBeat, openFrameworks and Android

Last month we (Seth Sandler and yours truly) released the Android port of the popular iPhone/iPad music application NodeBeat. NodeBeat was created by Seth Sandler and Justin Windle earlier this year and released in April for the iOS platform. It [...]

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An introduction to emulation

In the early 90s I primarly used my Commodore 64 (C64) for gaming. As Santa never gave us a Nintendo, I probably used my C64 until the late 90s. At that point I was introduced to the concept of emulators. [...]

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Earth Friends, a social network visualization

Last week I blogged about a new project I was working on. For the past few days I went through the code again and decided to clean it up a bit for the release. It is pretty much completed now, [...]

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Where are you?

Last weekend I’ve been working on a new project. Since I already had some experience  generating KML files for use with Google Earth (wikileaks projects!) I started to think of something else that I could visualize… perhaps see where my friends are? [...]

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Wikileaks mirror spread

In my previous post I presented a visualization of the Wikileaks mirrors spread of December 8th. While it is interesting to see the spread of a certain day, it is even more interesting to see how the spread is evolving [...]

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Visualizing Wikileaks mirrors

For the past few weeks, Wikileaks has drawn a lot of attention from the media. Mostly because of the Cablegate. Whether Julian Assange should be considered as a Hero (by publishing information) or Terrorist is an open question. Because of threats [...]

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Research projects

Since my graduation back in 2008, I have been working on different research projects at universities. Some of them got published, others never left the ‘prototype’ stage. Recently I started to organize the footage I made and collected over the [...]

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Earlier this month Adafruit started a contest for the first person to hack the Kinect, Microsoft’s latest gadget for the XBOX 360. The contest was won by Spanish hacker Héctor Martín Cantero who published his proof of concept only 3 [...]

depth1 Comment and ITS 2010

Sparkon Seth Sandler a good friend of mine, released his new website which is a website that he describes as “a social platform for people that are sparked (inspired) by creative and emergent technology”. Personally I like the way [...]

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NEMO Science Center

The NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam is the largest science center in the Netherlands and is also the place where my previous thesis work is displayed to the general public. My work now forms a permanent exhibition located at “Bits [...]


TEI 2010

A few weeks ago I attended TEI’10 hosted at the MIT Medialab. “TEI, the conference on tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction, is about HCI, design, interactive art, user experience, tools and technologies, with a strong focus on how computing can [...]

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ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2009

This years Tabletop 2010 conference took place in Banff, Canada. Unfortunately I could not attend the conference on interactive tabletop and surfaces, so I missed the great keynotes from: Ken Perlin, Chia Shen and Bill Buxton. Fortunately a few fellow [...]

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